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I Help My Client-Partners Achieve Real-World Success

My company, Summers Hospitality Group, is a full-service consulting group that provides strategic directions for food & beverage driven Hospitality brands including new concept development, recalibrating existing brands, driving technology solutions, marketing strategies, f&b menu development & engineering and other game changing Hospitality brand initiatives.

I work with restaurants, hotels, retail and any other business or organization that demands the experiences they deliver be ‘Best Experiences’. Our work with businesses achieves four things:

  1. Help you identify areas of opportunity for growth and success.
  2. Create the strategies & tactics necessary to achieve it.
  3. Work to deliver those outcomes.
  4. Develop a successful, lifelong partnership with you.

I started this consultancy in 2000 to assist operators in solving complex strategic and operational problems from diagnosis to implementation. Since then, our business has grown and evolved to become its own, very successful business.

For our clients, this translates into:

  • Speed and flexibility. Our clients achieve impact faster through flexible, tailored solutions delivered by successful and experienced people who’ve been there and done that and a suite of unique proprietary resources, ranging from rapid diagnostic tools to off-site training facilities.
  • Distinctive, lasting impact. We enable sustainable improvement to business performance by building capabilities, engaging with all levels and functions within the business and emphasizing continuous learning.
  • Unparalleled expertise. Our network delivers targeted, specialized knowledge and solutions to our clients throughout the United States and around the world.
  • Thoughtful integration of operations and strategy. No firm bridges the gap between strategy and operations like we do. We bring our clients the best thinking of our collective organization on the forces that are shaping the future of business, culture, and society, culled form working with the most successful operators for four decades.

Our team combines the comprehensive business understanding that underpins all Hospitality disciplines with practical operations expertise. We have served hundreds of clients from big, medium and small businesses and have deepened our expertise across the total range of segments.

What I Do To Help You Build A Better Business

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“Coaching Is Essential To Maximizing Individual & Business Performance”


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“Consulting optimizes results & maximizes your business’s potential.”


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“The growth of your business is directly related to the growth of everyone in the business.”


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“My Presentations Provoke & Challenge.”


My Expertise

Our Coaching and consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, growth, performance improvement, organization, analytics, information technology, culinary, beverage, service, real world results, social/digital, new business openings, guest experience design, marketing/branding across all sectors and geographies. We bring intensive, pragmatic and successful expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across every experience of any organization. We deliver a proven multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

Guest|Employee Experience Design
In-depth guest insights combined with economic and operational fundamentals

Identifying opportunities and developing business cases to make sustainable growth a source of on-going and long-term value.

Digital|Social Business
Deliver on core strategy, amplifying guest experiences and operate smarter and faster.

New Business Opening
From site selection to grand opening.

Predicting, measuring and managing risk associated with change management

Information Technology
Realizing the full potential of IT resources, investments and assets.

Strategic experience and analytical expertise combine to enable better decision making and create long-term value.

Performance Development
Enabling businesses to grow revenue, improve margins and reposition quickly.

Engineering guest loyalty.

BOH|FOH|TOH Development, marketing and engineering for optimal sales and profitability.

Ensuring the entire business is aligned and set up to successfully deliver on all goals and objectives.

Tailored solutions that deliver results and achieve sustained growth.

I Build Strong Brands

My programs are focused on optimizing results and helping operators maximize your business’s potential. After discussing your needs and opportunities, I customize a proposal that contains specific objectives, measures, and options for how we may work together to achieve your desired outcomes.

I engage in all aspects of hospitality management and have a proven track record in developing brands and turning these brands into market-leading businesses. I provide systems and services that improve all areas of your hospitality business.

Some of the brands we’ve worked with:

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*Results My Client-Partners Have Achieved With My Help*

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Increased Sales & Profits

We’ve documented that businesses whose employees are engaged (well matched to their jobs and enjoying what they do) lead to increases in the most critical top & bottom-line metrics: sales and profits.

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Business & Professional Growth

Employees who feel valued will perform better, stay longer and contribute more to the business’s ability to drive top line sales and bottom line profits.

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Increased Productivity

…as employees become fully successful in performing their jobs

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Business Transformation

…as a clear vision of the desired future is identified and a plan to achieve it is realized.

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Here Are 5 Ways I Can Help You Start Growing Your Business Today:

1. Register for one of my ThinkWorx™ workshops. Learn more about those here.

2. Join my BizWorx™ Coaching program and start growing your business the very day you start. I help business leaders rapidly grow their businesses with sustainability. If this fast growth interests you, call me at 855-744-4677 and talk to me about your opportunity at no charge.

3. Engage me in  a GrowthWorx™ Consulting Project and finally set your business on the road to rapid and sustainable growth.

4. Conduct an Onsite Review in order to create a blueprint for growing your business in the coming year.

5. Have me Facilitate A Strategy Session for your leadership team. Most of our clients now do this every 6 months and it has provided the needed focus and accountability necessary to achieve sustainable growth.

5b. Have questions? Contact me to discuss your opportunity with no obligation to you for the first conversation.

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The Bottom Line

Here are three amazing benefits of participating in our programs – they are in fact three indisputable reasons why everyone should:

  1. You get better.
  2. You get better faster.
  3. Eventually you become your own business coach.

Try it for yourself and see!