A Strategic & Tactical Recovery Outline For Hospitality Businesses
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Ideas For Converting To A Takeout And Delivery Operation During Coronavirus
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Ideas for Marketing Delivery, Takeout & Curbside Pick-up
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Payroll Protection Program (PPP) Documents
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What Happens When It’s Over?
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I’ve been talking to hundreds of operators since this whole thing started, in order to help them work through issues for both during the crisis and afterward.

I’ll help you answer the two critical questions you face right now that will determine your level of success:

Question 1 (strategy): How do you create a post-crisis action-plan? What are the things you & your team need to do right now, at this very moment to prepare for success in the post-crisis period.

Question 2 (tactical): How do you execute a post-crisis action-plan? What are the action steps you & your team have to undertake the moment the crisis is over to ensure success?

Feel free to checkout and use my Recovery Checklists:

If you need to create a more strategic recovery plan for your specific business, contact me and I’ll help you for FREE.



The US Senate published a terrific resource outlining the various relief programs available to U.S. Small Businesses.

This is the best summary I’ve found to date.

Download it by clicking here.