SHG On-Demand Coaching Program

On-Demand Coaching services are designed for situations when a full-scale consulting or coaching engagement is not appropriate or desired.

Is this service right for you? Here are some issues appropriate for On-Demand Coaching:

  • You need an objective, confidential sounding board to test new ideas – or to rethink old ones.
  • You want to role play a challenging scenario, such as handling a difficult conversation.
  • You’re not sure how to confront bad behavior or poor performance effectively.
  • You seek expert advice about how to proceed on a new project or increase the effectiveness of an existing project.

With On-Demand Coaching you’ll get full access to Jeffrey’s four decades of experience at a fraction of the investment of a full-scale consulting or coaching engagement.

You Have Three ‘On-Demand’ Options:


Right Now!

For a one-off issue that should only take a full week to reconcile or innovate through: cost control issues, hiring decisions, etc…

  • Duration: One Week
  • Unlimited Phone, Email or In-Person

One & Done!

For a one-off issue that should take more than just a week to reconcile or innovate through but doesn’t require a long-term commitment: profitability issues, staffing decisions, menu engineering, performance issues, etc…

  • Duration: One Period | 28 Days
  • Unlimited Phone, Email or In-Person


For on-going engagement and performance monitoring: new business openings, marketing & branding, leadership calibration, etc…

  • Duration: 6 Periods | 24 Weeks
  • Unlimited Phone, Email or In-Person

$799 pp

Coaching Program Notes:

  • All pricing quoted is the monthly investment based on the stated program term minus the PIFUF 10% discount.
  • All programs can be month-to-month. Call me to discuss your situation.
  • All local client locations are eligible for onsite sessions at no extra cost. Non-local client locations can be onsite, if you make arrangements for travel & accommodation invoicing. Should you require me to be physically on-site, any additional cost would just be for travel & accommodations -that’s it. Some clients have wanted me present in the beginning (to look around) and again when tough issues arise. Some have wanted me present monthly for face-to-face meetings. And still others have never required any on-site meeting. The choice is up to you but technology has improved to such a degree that it makes this issue moot – except for conducting an on-site audit prior to starting a program or for issues like construction or any type of physical inspection necessary for a project’s completion.
  • For questions concerning payment options or processes, see SHG® Payments & Expense Guidelines
  • Should you engage Summers Hospitality Group for a larger project within 30 days of your On-Demand consulting and coaching service, your entire investment will be credited to that project.
  • ROI calculations are attributable to a combination of cost savings and/or sale growth.
  • P.I.F.U.F. – Pay In Full Up Front and get 10% off your total investment.

Results My Client-Partners Have Achieved With My Help

Increased Sales & Profits

We’ve documented that businesses whose employees are engaged (well matched to their jobs and enjoying what they do) lead to increases in the most critical top & bottom-line metrics: sales and profits.

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Business & Professional Growth

Employees who feel valued will perform better, stay longer and contribute more to the business’s ability to drive top line sales and bottom line profits.

Learn More

Increased Productivity

…as employees become fully successful in performing their jobs

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Business Transformation

…as a clear vision of the desired future is identified and a plan to achieve it is realized.

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Here Are 5 Ways I Can Help You Start Growing Your Business Today:

1. Register for one of my ThinkWorx™ workshops. Learn more about those here.

2. Join my BizWorx™ Coaching program and start growing your business the very day you start. I help business leaders rapidly grow their businesses with sustainability. If this fast growth interests you, call me at 855-744-4677 and talk to me about your opportunity at no charge.

3. Engage me in  a GrowthWorx™ Consulting Project and finally set your business on the road to rapid and sustainable growth.

4. Conduct an Onsite Review in order to create a blueprint for growing your business in the coming year.

5. Have me Facilitate A Strategy Session for your leadership team. Most of our clients now do this every 6 months and it has provided the needed focus and accountability necessary to achieve sustainable growth.

5b. Have questions? Contact me to discuss your opportunity with no obligation to you for the first conversation.

The Bottom Line

Here are three amazing benefits of participating in our programs – they are in fact three indisputable reasons why everyone should:

  1. You get better.
  2. You get better faster.
  3. Eventually you become your own business coach.

Try it for yourself and see!