Coaching Program FAQs

“Coaching Is Essential To Maximizing Individual & Business Success”
~ Jeffrey Summers, Founder|Principal Summers Hospitality Group
Can you Coach more than one person at a time?
Absolutely. One of the most critically important tools you can utilize to grow your business is the T.E.A.M. Coaching program. This usually means we engage an entire management team or even multiple teams from multiple units together or in their respective individual
Who can be Coached?
Anyone who wants to work on those issues that can help them grow either personally or as a business. This can be the owner/operator, the manager(s) of the business, multi-unit leader(s), executives or even individual hourly employees. Many more… Each program is customized to address the specific needs and goals of you and your business.
What Is Business Coaching?
Business Coaching is an eclectic mix of strategic planning, skill development and leadership training that helps individuals and organizations develop more rapidly and produce more sustained outcomes. As a result of coaching, clients set better goals, take more action, make better decisions, and more fully use their natural strengths. Professional coaches listen and observe, to customize their approach to the individual client’s needs, and to elicit solutions and strategies from the client. They believe that the client is naturally creative and resourceful and that the coach’s job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the client already has. While the coach provides feedback and an objective perspective, the client is responsible for taking the steps to produce the outcomes he or she desires.
What's the ROI?
Coaching provides the greatest ROI compared to any other means of process improvement. This is why I have engineered my Coaching Programs to provide as close to a minimum of a 1,000% ROI as I can and why this is the absolute perfect time to put a plan together to increase your profits and market share utilizing one of the best. See the Summers Hospitality Group® Guarantee for details about why we guarantee a 1,000% ROI. To me when you can find an innovative business improvement program with this amount of ROI, combined with a free consultation and a guarantee, it’s a no-brainer. How can we utilize your expertise in working with my company in order to maximize our ROI?“”]By choosing an ongoing Coaching program. The Coaching programs allow us to work on any and every aspect of your business and with as many people as you need to involve in the change process. This is definitely the most ‘bang for your buck’. If, however, a more complex solution is demanded and you need a consulting solution, we engineer our programs to deliver a quantifiable ROI. We guarantee our efforts in delivering the specific outcomes your business needs in order to create sustainable, long-term success.
Is Executive Coaching Only For Executives?
Not at all. I get calls to work with high-potential middle managers and new managers, who are still in transition and can benefit from support and guidance, and often work with leaders, who are simply committed to continuous learning.
Do you utilize the same solutions for each client?
No. We look at each operation individually and design the solution(s) that is needed to achieve the desired business goals. Allowing someone to use a ‘templated’ solution is the surest sign of an amateur and the quickest way for your business to become irrelevant
sn’t it better to hire someone local?
We believe you should hire the most effective person at achieving the result you need. Location shouldn’t play any role in the decision since technology allows for extremely effective two-way communication. Likewise, we believe that price should never be a factor since you should be receiving the necessary return on your investment (ROI) that makes the engagement profitable. Our goal at Summers Hospitality Group® is to deliver a 1,000% ROI on every client’s investment.
What is the difference between Coaching and Consulting?
Coaching is where we Coach you and/or your staff to execute the change needed – you do all the work, we teach, coach, train and measure for effectiveness. Consulting is where we come in and execute the change for you – we do all the work. There is a Coaching and Consulting option for each program we offer based on your particular need. The most successful projects include a bit of both.
I had my manger call you for a quote but you wouldn’t give him one. Why not?
Legally, we can only contract with the person who has the authority to enter into contracts for your business, so it only makes sense that we talk to that person about the existing needs and possible solutions. Ethically, we cannot create a solution for your business unless we hear from you (the business owner) about your needs, desired outcomes and the resources that can be used to help create the necessary innovation to achieve those outcomes. Most managers do not have sufficient information about the business in order to understand either the direction that’s needed or the solution required.
What can Coaching do for me?
“No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn in order to achieve our goals.” – Brian Tracy Just as sports figures such as Tiger Woods or Fortune 500 Company executives have a Coach to help them and their teams achieve their best, a Business Coach helps you achieve your peak performance as a Business Owner, Operator or Manager. Coaching is professional and personal development to promote continuous growth and strength in both you and your business. It’s about creating inspiration and success in your business, and as a natural extension, your whole life. It also helps you to move forward: clarifying your goals, creating a strategy for completing those goals, and having a support framework in place to lead you towards a more successful life. It’s about achieving more, in less time.
How does the Coaching Program work?
The programs run in six month intervals. If multiple intervals are booked, discounts can be obtained. Details on discounted options are noted in Summers Hospitality Group® Payment & Expense Guidelines. The upfront fees help distinguish between those who are serious about their business and are easily recouped through increased sales, lower operating costs and smoother operations. I only want to work with dedicated owners who have a burning desire to succeed in their business and their lives. Once payment is made we will set up an initial phone conversation to discuss your particular needs and how best to proceed. Unless you utilize the “Free Consultation” I provide for us to talk about your specific opportunity. You and I will reach a mutual decision as to whether the program is right for you through this initial phone conversation. If it is, we begin with my studying your current situation, expectations, and fundamental value propositions. We then establish our mentoring goals. Some people call me daily, some weekly, some monthly. Some visit, others don’t. The frequency and style are totally up to you. Each SHG® Coaching program is then designed specifically by you and I together, in order to meet your unique situation and goals. I don’t follow a “little rule book” or make assumptions about your needs based on other Coaching program participants and their businesses. In any option, non-appointed additional calls are returned within 90 minutes and email within the same day. Conventional mail, courier packages, and faxes are reviewed and replied to within 24 hours of receipt. Remember, this program is ideal for people who need situational, rapid, objective help from one of the top Business Coaches in the country and/or those who are seeking long range assistance with business or career development plans. You will never deal with anyone other than myself in this confidential program. You will also receive 30 days of FREE follow-up,  just to make sure you are doing as good as when I left you.
What role does the leader’s supervisor play?
There are a variety of ways the supervisor contributes to the success of the individual’s coaching experience: as an encourager; as an honest, but constructive, source of information and feedback; and as someone who is willing to modify his own behaviors, if necessary, to ensure his leader’s success. As an encourager, he can help to establish an optimistic and rewarding work environment, where the leader can gain confidence as they grow. As a source of information, they can provide essential insight into the leader’s behavior, as well as concrete, anecdotal information the coach needs to design effective learning experiences. And, they can support the leader with direct feedback on their progress. Sometimes, the supervisor has unrealistic expectations of the leader, or their style may poison their growth. As someone who is also willing to model change, they can cooperate with the coach to refine their own management methods and style.
How long does the Coaching Program last?
Most business operators have many opportunities for growth. We can explore and work with as many as you feel you need in order to achieve your growth goals both for you and your business. Some people have utilized the initial 6 months to its fullest and that was enough. For some it is never enough and I have been Coaching them for years. It really is up to you and what you want to achieve.
Is the Coaching Program confidential?
As your Coach, I will maintain your confidentiality to the full extent allowed by law. I honor your confidence, and do not discuss our Coaching sessions with others. All of us agree to a foundation of honesty, trust and respect, and understand that your ultimate well-being, and that of your business, is the central focus of the Coaching relationship.
What issues can be covered in Coaching?
Sales Building: The ultimate ways of building your business – through building top-line sales – by utilizing a combination of best management of the business as well as best and smarter marketing. Topics have included; database marketing, strategic Marketing approaches, Marketing Plans, WOMM, advertising and PR, promotions, Food R&D, guest interactions, Sales Programs, Catering etc… Cost Containment: We discuss ways, given your business model, that you can improve your cost structure and create ways to realize more profit from your top-line sales. Topics have included; menu engineering, COGS, Occupancy costs, Leases (negotiating and re-negotiating), New Store Opening Planning and execution, productivity, Labor Costs, menu planning and production, etc.. Basically any P&L line item! Operations: These topics cover the actual day-to-day operations and how to lead your staff, managers and yourself best in order to realize smoother operations while having more fun in the process. Topics have included; opening your second unit, utilizing a systems approach to Operational Management, Staffing and HR issues, site selection, building and design, running smoother shifts, Leases, Hiring Managers and Chefs, Sales building, Cost Control, etc… People Issues. Skill building. Ongoing learning. Many more… Each program is customized to address the specific needs and goals of you and your business.


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