Workshop FAQs

Group Discounts
We offer the purchase option of prepaid registrations as a way to save. These prepaid registrations may then be used by your organization for any multi-day SHG workshop. They can be used up to 12 months from date of purchase, giving you a flexible training option that fits within the schedule and needs of your business and your employees. To purchase, please call 855-744-4677.
Structure and Location
All SHG workshops are available in either 1-Day or Multi-Day formats and can be held at your location or ours.
Workshop Materials
The course binders and other materials provided during the course are for the use of the attendee only and may not be copied nor re-produced for commercial use.
During our multi-day courses, should your course begin with an evening session, dinner will be included. In addition, breakfast and lunch will be served during each day of the multi-day course. During our single-day courses, breakfast and lunch will be served during each day of the course.
Late Arrivals
If you expect to arrive late for registration or will miss the opening entirely, contact SHG.
Leaving Early
Please see your facilitator prior to the conclusion of your course for assistance.
Social Media Use
Our alumni tell us that one of the benefits of participating in an SHG workshop is the opportunity to share stories openly and to network with fellow attendees. Therefore, information shared by you and fellow participants may be sensitive. Please remember to respect everyone’s privacy. If you plan to post on any social platform, about your SHG workshop experience, be careful not to include revealing details such as specific organizations or individual names.
Cameras & Video
Photography or video of course content at an SHG workshop is strictly prohibited. You may take photos and video when in guest areas of the venue as indicated by your facilitation team.
Languages & Translators
Unless otherwise noted, all SHG public workshops are delivered in English and all attendees must be proficient speaking, listening and reading in English. To minimize distractions during the workshops, translators are not allowed in the sessions.
Recommended Dress
Recommended dress is business casual or casual Friday-style, such as jeans, khakis, nice shorts, polo-style shirts (and sundresses for women). We would also recommend that you bring a light sweater or jacket as our course includes time spent in both conference rooms and possibly outside in the local climate. Also, for every session, closed-toed and closed-heeled shoes are required for safety during any onsite experiences.
All sales on workshops are final and no refunds will be issued under any circumstances. We do however, understand that situations arise that may not allow you to attend a scheduled workshop. In that event, you may “freeze” your participation at its current level and use it on any subsequent workshop, which is not to exceed one calendar year from the original date of the workshop.

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