How To Create Loyal Guests For The Restaurant Across The Street

  1. All servers should be taught to write down orders no matter how much they think they will not forget because they have “memories like an elephant”!
  2. Apologize for mistakes, but once you say “I’m sorry” for the 5th time, maybe something else is going on?
  3. Teach your servers to ASK FOR HELP BEFORE THEY GET IN THE WEEDS.
  4. Do not expect a server to be able to provide an awesome experience for guests, if they have never seen what one looks like! (Especially if you did not show them one during their training!)
  5. Manage your shift changes better. You lose more guests during this and slower times than any other.
  6. Work less on Guests, entertain|engage|play with them more.
  7. Scheduling is not about your P&L. It is about providing a great guest experience from the time you open – to the time you lock the doors.
  8. If you (manger/operator) are going to work a staff position, do not go back into a GVA (guest viewing area) dressed like you just fought a war.
  9. You should be running “silent kitchens”.
  10. Have I said, “Train your staff!” yet?
  11. Make every plate eye appealing.
  12. How many guests does it take to make a rush? One.
  13. Fire the next manager whose server asks me, “Do you need change?”
  14. Never make eye contact with a guest and not speak.
  15. Stop walking by my table as if you have nothing to do and not pre-bus or refill my drink, or any of another million things.
  16. Don’t bark, “Have a good night” or “Thanks” as I leave and all the while you are 15 feet away and not even looking in my direction.
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