The Speed of Success

You can play defense if you want but doing so only means others will be picking at your carcass soon enough.

You need to push into growth right now or you’ll drown in your own irrelevance.

I don’t care about the bad economy. Everyone’s facing the same headwinds.

I see too many operators with a 1980’s mentality.

A franchisee near me has almost half their restaurants without a General Manager and has been running ads for the last four months. This is insane. Talent’s not an issue for forward thinking operators because they understand that they can’t grow their business beyond the level of talent they possess!

You should be picking up steam right about now. The speed with which aggressive operators are creating success right now will make your jaw drop when the dust settles.

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Digging Deeper

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Are You Ready For
Your One-On-One?

The two choices you have are: To step forward into growth or
remain in your death spiral.

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