Questions From Operators: Frustration

Q: “I get so frustrated with myself on a weekly if not daily basis . Like how can I set personal or work goals and then continue to make choices that prevent me from achieving those goals ??? Sometimes it’s just forgetfulness , laziness , moments of weakness or taking the easy path instead of the hard path . I internalize almost everything . I take full responsibility for not just my failures but the failures of the people I’m responsible for.”

A: Unfortunately, frustration goes hand in hand with most any job, but it doesn’t have to lead to paralysis or ever-increasing levels of frustration to the point of realizing extremely negative consequences like inaction or even ulcers.

To answer the operator’s question, let’s consider a few of our own:

  • Have you truly prioritized your goals? What criteria did you use? Are they realistic in terms of both content and impact?
  • Are you asking yourself how a decision in front of you, accomplishes any of your goals? In the order (priority) you need/want to achieve them?
  • Do you have a system in place to track goals and progress?
  • Here’s the big one! Are you accountable for YOUR progress to someone other than yourself? (Hint: A Coach!)

As for the internalization: You don’t have to internalize a thing in order to accept accountability for it. And accepting accountability for supporting those around you is fine as long as you don’t deny them the right to own their own setbacks. This is how you can hinder their growth.

Most business owners/managers feel frustration from the activity trap they get caught up in and need some guidance and accountability in order to learn how to navigate these processes.

Just another reason why, in order to achieve the level of success you deserve and in the smoothest way possible, you should utilize a Coach.

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