Meme Madness

While I agree with the general sentiment that you should treat employees (and any other human) like they make a difference (especially those who do) ideas like Goodnight’s (and I’m a fan) fail to add the most critical yet basic truth: it takes two to tango.

This occupies half the time I spend with operators who continually talk about how they treat their employees extremely well yet they don’t get the same treatment in return. To which I always ask: “Did you hire someone who possessed the innate understanding and values that would allow them to reciprocate as much earnest desire to treat you as an employer who strives to make a difference?”

Then the light goes on.

This is why hiring for values is the critical point of differentiation among successful businesses who believe in everyone making a difference.

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Digging Deeper

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Are You Ready For
Your One-On-One?

The two choices you have are: To step forward into growth or
remain in your death spiral.

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