Questions From Operators: Social Media

Q: Shouldn’t you use social platforms like TripAdvisor to market your business?
A: No. You shouldn’t use a consumer platform (which is what social media sites are) for commercial messaging. Social platforms are not a multi-purpose business tool and any attempt to push messaging to them will be met with negative friction.

FUQ: But can’t social media be useful in marketing my business?

FUA: Yes. But you should have the means in place for the Guest to do that for you. 77% of Guests are likely to buy from a business when learning about it from friends, and 42% of Guests are loyal to brands their family and friends patronize. Both of these insights indicate the value that referrals from a trusted source (your very happy Guest) have for your business.

Too many operators are focused on the media and not the social. The most effective way of communicating with Guests is at the point of experience by informed, engaging and empowered employees who share your values. Everything else is blatant advertising.


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