The Only Reason People Leave Jobs

Lots of articles preach and even more tongues wag about how the #1 reason people leave jobs is a bad boss.

This is wrong.

Having a bad boss is just a symptom of an even worse disease. Bad cultures are another. Bad leadership. Bad products. Bad processes, Bad Guests. Bad physical plants. Bad sales. Even worse profits. These are all symptoms.

The real (and only) reason people leave jobs is a lack of growth- either personal or professional.

A more recent article incorrectly suggested three motivational categories that needed to be present to secure a positive employee experience and suggested that without them, your turnover rates would increase. They were:

  1. Purpose
  2. Growth
  3. Connection

The reality is that growth needs to be moved up to #1 #2 and #3. Everything else is an extension of your desire for personal and/or professional growth.

Growth is your natural purpose.

Connection is an extension of growing. In order to develop deep meaningful connections to people, places and things, you have to experience growth within and among them.

You also don’t motivate people. We’ve known this for a very long time. Motivation is intrinsic. You hire motivated people and work toward creating an environment that inspires them.

When operators get this right, they experience all the positives: growth, lower turnover, more engaged employees, happier Guests, increased sales and profits…I think you get the idea.

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