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The Questions Great Leaders Ask Themselves

As you seek to reach the ranks of great leaders, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I know what makes each of my team members inspired? Discouraged?
  2. Do I know the level of skill of each employee? Am I adapting to the abilities of each?
  3. Am I creating an environment that encourages uniqueness and difference?
  4. Am I suffocating others by making them feel like they have to be a certain way (“my way or the highway”)?
  5. How am I utilizing each person to his or her utmost potential, regardless of how he or she compares to other team members?
  6. Am I rigid and unable to adapt to needs and team members accordingly?
  7. What am I doing to make progress in this strategy?
Jeffrey Summers
For four decades, my coaching, consulting, public speaking, workshops, management team retreats and articles have helped thousands of hospitality leaders worldwide, build successful businesses. The Summers Hospitality Group is a global full-service hospitality consulting firm best known for its unique results-driven, strengths-based system for developing extraordinary leaders and demonstrating the performance impact they have on their organizations.