Training Culture Vs Learning Culture

Dr Rae Baum shared this list on LinkedIn from “Training Culture vs. Learning Culture” by Stephen J. Gill and I thought it was a great start and added to it. How else are the differences defined?

Training Culture

  • instructor focused
  • event based
  • centralized
  • siloed
  • top – down perspective
  • all about delivery (inputs)
  • centered on improving business outcomes
  • transactional
  • cost managed
  • classroom
  • manuals and theories
  • timely performance reviews
  • managed rules and policies

Learning Culture

  • learner centered
  • ongoing
  • decentalized
  • shared
  • front-line perspective
  • all about results (impact)
  • centered on improving individual outcomes
  • inspirational
  • ROI engineered
  • business environment
  • real-life experiences
  • daily one-on-ones
  • coaching & mentoring
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Digging Deeper

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Are You Ready For
Your One-On-One?

The two choices you have are: To step forward into growth or
remain in your death spiral.

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