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QFO: What can a newly opened, up-scale restaurant do to set itself apart in a location that contains multiple other competing restaurants?

Probably nothing.

If you opened without any differentiation, you won’t be able to design it now.

You have the wrong thinking and the wrong leadership.

Your brand is now set in the minds of Guests.

Think about Newton: The First Law of Motion states, “A body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain in motion unless it is acted upon by an external force.” This simply means that things cannot start, stop, or change direction all by themselves. It takes some force acting on them from the outside to cause such a change. This property of massive bodies to resist changes in their state of motion is sometimes called inertia.

Your brand now has tremendous inertia and will resist the change necessary to create meaningfully differentiated value.

Jeffrey Summers
For four decades, my coaching, consulting, public speaking, workshops, management team retreats and articles have helped thousands of hospitality leaders worldwide, build successful businesses. The Summers Hospitality Group is a global full-service hospitality consulting firm best known for its unique results-driven, strengths-based system for developing extraordinary leaders and demonstrating the performance impact they have on their organizations.